Roots and Soul Festival in Saint Lucia

Roots and Soul Festival St Lucia

There’s a new music festival to experience in the Caribbean this summer: Roots and Soul. The festival, part of St. Lucia’s new “Soleil Summer Festival”, is dedicated to musicians who are setting new trends in reggae, conscious, hip-hop, Afro-punk and R&B.

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Incentive Travel in St. Lucia – Reward & Discovery

Incentive Travel in St Lucia
“Incentive Travel in St Lucia is an effective tool of inspiration, offering motivation and reward for employees….”

The prosperity of a business is determined by the dedication and efforts of its employees. Like every other successful company; managers look forward to rewarding their staff at the end of a financial year. In 2017, Barefoot Holidays, a Saint Lucian owned Destination Management Company, was presented with the task of motivating a tyre sales team of 140 persons with a Caribbean experience. The answer was found in an exhilarating, one day, Jeep Safari Treasure Hunt incentive program in St. Lucia.

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Why Choose Saint Lucia?

Why choose Saint Lucia

“Why Saint Lucia”

A commonly asked question; Why? Why choose Saint Lucia? Here is why your trip destination should be Saint Lucia.

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New Minicooper Roadtrip Tour in St Lucia

Minicooper Road Trip

See Saint Lucia Topless” is an unmatched adventure which allows you to discover the island’s popular attractions and hidden gems while driving a classy comfortable mini cooper convertible.

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A Cocoa Extravaganza on Saint Lucia

How often do you see chocoholics, party animals, spa lovers, foodies, and history buffs all agree on what to do on vacation? You will see it all in St. Lucia when the island’s fun-filled celebration of Chocolate Heritage Month takes place. The month of August in St. Lucia is the ultimate haven for…

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Saint Lucia Showcase North America 2016

Tourism industry stakeholders alongside the Saint Lucia Tourist Board enjoyed a week-long series of events during the fourth annual Saint Lucia Showcase 2016 held from 28-31 July. This event brought together key tourism partners from the United States, Canada and Saint Lucia. The main objective…

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Luxury Dine Around Program on St. Lucia

The island of St. Lucia which never ceases to amaze us is at it once again, with a new release of a luxury “Dine Around Program”. The goal of this venture is to give your taste buds an unparalleled culinary experience, where guests will have the chance to savour appetizing meals from Mediterranean…

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Piton Awards 2016

Piton Awards 2016 At the newly launched Piton Awards, the Saint Lucia Tourist Board rewarded its top selling agents from Canada and across the United States who have contributed to Saint Lucia’s growing visitor arrivals for the past year. These agents have undertaken a four-step education and…

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